Story Complete! -- Gaming Completion Badges/Enamel Pins

Created by K.O. Arts

After the credits roll, reward yourself for a job well done with a pin that will celebrate your achievement every time you see it!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Less Than 48 Hours left! Time to Finalize Surveys and Add-ons!
about 1 month ago – Tue, Sep 07, 2021 at 07:05:36 PM

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Greenlight for Backerkit! All Surveys Sent Out On August 31st!
about 2 months ago – Tue, Aug 31, 2021 at 12:57:03 PM

Backerkit Surveys! Pre-Order Store! August 31st!

I'm back with just another quick reminder that survey e-mails will be going out tomorrow, August 31st! Select Surveys will be sent out today to test the system, and are sent out at random.

They will be coming from Backerkit, not Kickstarter, so please double check that messages from Backerkit are not sent to your Spam/Promotions folders tomorrow.

In this update I'm going to go over a quick How To Guide as well some important details both important to Vets and Beginners.

Backers will have until September 7th to finalize their surveys! 

Check out the bottom of this update to see some pin updates!

 Shipping Cost Does Not Factor into Pledge Amount

This is just a reminder that I'm counting your pledge amount based on how much you pledged, not including shipping. If you were counting on receiving freebies, please verify that you did not factor shipping into your total. If you have any concerns, please reach out to me before September 7th!

If you want to qualify for a freebie stress-free, alternatively...

You Can Change Your Pledge Level!

There is only one way at this point to qualify for more freebies, and that is by changing your pledge level! 

Before you begin your survey, you will be given the opportunity to "Switch Your Pledge Level" on the first page here:

Select your desired pledge from the menu and confirm the switch! You will then gain access to the freebie questions for that tier!


All pins are available in the Add-on Shop!

All of our campaign pins will be available in the add-on shop! If you decide to add a few more for you or a friend, you will be prompted to do so before checkout! This shop will be open until September 7th so that we can stay on time for order placement!

All of our rewards will be available through the add-on shop as well! These are all extra add-ons! If you already selected your add-ons through Kickstarter, you will see those already added to your cart. 

You can still modify this! 

If you decide you would like to swap out your add-on for a different one, remove the old one from your cart and click your new selection.

Still have questions about freebies or add-ons? Shoot me a message! I'll be happy to work with you to come up with the best outcome!

 Pre-Order Store <-- Click Me (Opens August 31st)

Know people who wanted to jump on this project but missed out? Purchase through the Pre-Order Store! This option is still only available to those in the US & Canada. 

The prices for these pins will be the standard price, as Kickstarter backers are the only ones who gain access to exclusive pricing and freebies.

I will be opening up Etsy Pre-Orders for International Orders tomorrow as well!

The Pre-Order Store and Etsy may stay up longer than the Surveys, but orders will be fulfilled based on time of pledge. 

All Kickstarter Orders will be fulfilled first followed by Pre-Order Store/Etsy, so ETAs may vary for those who choose this option.

Final Notes

  • Orders with the manufacturer will be placed the moment all initial surveys are in and accounted for! 
  • Please be honest! Some survey questions will have freebie questions listed that may not pertain to you. Please use the "skip" option in those cases. Before I place orders, I will be doing a last check on everyone's pledge amount/survey answers to ensure accuracy on my part. Any surveys that require me to backtrack and message you regarding your answers only delays the overall process and lengthens your wait time.
  • Please verify your final pledge/purchases on the "Confirm" Screen. All items from the survey and add-on shop you selected will be visible on this page.

One Last Update!

I received my proofs from the manufacturer as I was writing this! So far everything looks AWESOME and I can't wait to show them to you.

The biggest change is... Steel & Silver will have A Glow In the Dark Element!! I really wanted to highlight Ciri's magic, and I really think you're going to love the end result.

The Courier's Tale has a small change as well! 

Since I wanted to give it more of that "Metal Chip" look, me and the manufacturer have come up with something like this:


This is still just a mock-up, but I'm confident the final product is going to be super sick. I'd love to hear what you think of these updates in the comments!

Thank you guys again for all your help, I can't wait to hear which pins you're most excited about through those surveys! Catch ya then!


WOOHOO! We've Reached Campaign's End! Get Ready For Surveys!
about 2 months ago – Thu, Aug 19, 2021 at 10:01:56 PM

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- Dawn of the Final Day - 24 Hours Remaining!
about 2 months ago – Wed, Aug 18, 2021 at 09:38:09 PM

This is it! One more day to back our project before the real fun begins!

Thank you guys so much for backing this project, what an amazing ride! All 7 pins will go into production starting early September, along with our rewards! But don't think you're getting rid of me that easily! I'll still be in contact, especially over the next few weeks as we gear up for Phase 2!

We will be using Backerkit Surveys!

Backerkit has a lot of great features that is going to help make sure everyone is accounted for. With Backerkit, you'll be able to still add pins to your pledge or add-ons through the shop!

Once Backerkit is fully operational, I will be able to go over further details with everyone on dates and timelines, but for now, here's a few questions I CAN answer!

Q: Will I be able to add more pins to my pledge?

A: Yes! There will be an option to add more pins (including the add-on pins) of any type to your pledge through the survey. Be sure to tell me which style and the quantity of that style. No one will be limited to only one of each pin type. If you wanted to do 3x TLOU, 2x RDR, and 2x RE8 you'll be able to do so through the survey.

NOTE: May be subject to a deadline. I will let everyone know after surveys go live.

Q: Will I be able to add more add-ons to my pledge?

A: Yes! Just like with the pins, Backerkit will display add-ons that you'll be able to select and add to your pledge. You can update the quantity of these add-ons as well! Just like with during the Kickstarter, I will also honor all updated pledges within Backerkit with their corresponding freebies. 

NOTE: May be subject to a deadline. I will let everyone know after surveys go live.

Basically, there's a lot of flexibility. It's easy for me to see what you're wanting, and it's easy for you to manage! If there are any questions about anything at all, don't hesitate to reach out! 

How Surveys Will Work

For you pros, I'm sure this will be a piece of cake, but for anyone who would feel better with a few more details or a cheat sheet, I've got you covered! Here, I'm quickly going to outline the basic questions of the survey:

  • Which Gaming Enamel Pin will you want?
  • How many of each Gaming Enamel Pin will you want?
  • (Select Surveys) Choose your 1st Gloss Sticker/Choose your 2nd Gloss Sticker:
  • (Select Surveys) Choose your Holo Sticker:
  • (Select Surveys) Choose your Charm (Wasteland or Canary):
  • Confirm your Add-ons/Additional Pins and their type
  • Submit!

If you still feel confused or that your situation wasn't addressed, please reach out to me! Preferably, BEFORE you fill out the survey. That way, you won't feel overwhelmed that you've done it wrong. We'll get it right the first time, together!

Look for that survey e-mail around the end of August! Updates will be posted here with reminders and deadlines if there's ever any doubt.

Final Checks! Platinum Trophy Update

Platinum Trophy Update: For those who backed or qualified for the Platinum tier: In the FAQ section, I have gone ahead and updated exactly what the new bundle entails. Here's the quick breakdown:

  • Three Original (3) 2.5" Pins + One (1) 3" Jumbo Pin (TLOU, Okami, RDR, RE8)
  • Add-ons: One (1) Button, Seven (7) Gloss Stickers, One (1) Wooden Pin, Three (3) Holo Stickers,  One (1) Charm of Your Choice.

If you would like to add the Limited Steel & Silver, The Courier's Tale, Those Who Fight, or the 2nd Charm Design, please add them as add-ons.


Please be sure to check your shipping and billing address! To ensure no one bounces and loses their place on the Kickstarter, now is the best time to correct or update your payment or shipping details! I will not be able to add your name back on as a backer if your payment falls through.

Thank you guys again for reading all my updates and keeping yourself informed. I really can't overstate how appreciative I am to have you all in my party! My next update will now come after the campaign has ended! How crazy is that?!

Talk to you soon!

Last Pin Reveal, New Add-on and the Final Boss Gauntlet Approaches!
2 months ago – Mon, Aug 16, 2021 at 08:14:27 PM

 Just a little less than two weeks to go and we have reached some serious milestones!If you haven't checked out the project recently, now is a great time to come back and see all those unlocked rewards! 

Here's some highlights of our success!:

  • Two freebies were unlocked this week! Gloss Stickers and our "Wolves' Resolve" Wooden pin can now be added to all pledges! Backers whose tiers qualify will receive these items for FREE! Remember, you can change your pledge at any time to add both pins and add-ons alike! 
  • We are $500 away from unlocking ALL of our freebies! 
  • Less than $1000 to unlock three (3) more pins! THREE! 

Only 20% of those who follow our campaign have backed so far! If you're waiting for these last few pins, now is your chance to make it happen! We are so close, we can totally do it with your support! Will you answer the call and accept this mission? 


A good cowboy is always true to his word. This week, I am adding a new add-on to our list as a thank you for everyone's constant support and shares of this project.

Without further delay...

A charm! :D

There's a song by Joy Williams called "Canary" that makes me think of Arthur every single time I listen to it. The idea of this last lifeline, being the only one able to warn others -- save lives -- amidst great danger? The only one who can "see" clearly? Oof. I highly recommend listening to the full song to get the full effect. 

This charm will be available as an add-on to all backers for $8!

If you pledge 100% Completion+, this charm can be swapped out with the Wasteland Charm to get it for FREE! 

 Our Final Pin Reveal!

Alright folks. It's time I go ahead and reveal our last design. Our hint has been out there since day if you guessed it, definitely give yourself a pat on the back.


NOTE: I have decided to "remove" an aspect of this design until the end of the campaign! Once the Kickstarter ends, I will send out the final product to backers ASAP! This, again, is just to ensure we don't upset the powers that be. 

"Those Who Fight" will be a 2.5" pin on gold plated metal.

Also just as before, this pin will be limited in stock! The first wave of this pin will be limited to 35 pins.

 But there it is, folks! I really hope this is the week where we unlock all of those freebies~! These next few rewards are all super close, so it's gonna feel great to see them all knocked out one by one. Classic T.P.K. >D

Thank you again to everyone who has shown their support, and to all of you who will in the upcoming days!

If you have any questions, always feel free message me! You can also still join in on my "Which Games?" Survey! Which games would you like to see in future projects?